This month, It’s Just Lunch is celebrating 30 years of first dates and success stories.

It’s Just Lunch was created as a premium, personalized solution to the frustrating and fruitless dating scene of the 90s. Since then, times have certainly changed, but our signature process and passion for helping busy professionals find the spark remain.

In honor of our anniversary, we will be sharing our favorite success stories over the years.


I had the initial call and told my matchmaker, Mike, the qualities I was looking for. I wanted a partner that was kind, loving, driven, smart, supportive, good with kids and a Christian among other things. Mike told me it might take a few weeks, just depending on how long it took to find someone that had what I was looking for.

Two weeks later I got an email with my first match. It was Keith!

We had a good conversation; I remember he was easy to talk to and it went by too fast. Things moved pretty quickly by our fourth/fifth date and not too long after we became pretty much inseparable.

It’s been a big change, but a really wonderful one. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. It’s easy, we are compatible and on the same page about life.

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