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“ Discovering Eva at It's Just Lunch has been an absolute game-changer in my journey back into the dating scene after a twelve-year hiatus. Her genuine care and personalized approach have been instrumental in helping me navigate this unfamiliar territory with confidence and excitement. From our initial conversations to the thoughtful coordination of each date, Eva's dedication shines through, making the experience not only enjoyable but truly special. She goes above and beyond to ensure that each match is tailored to my preferences and interests, creating memorable experiences that foster meaningful connections. With Eva's support and guidance, I've not only reentered the dating world but have embraced it with newfound enthusiasm and optimism. For anyone seeking a partner in their quest for love, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Eva at It's Just Lunch. She's not just a matchmaker; she's a trusted ally in your journey to finding lasting happiness. ”

— Eric H   (bbb.org)
February 2024
“ IJL has been SO fun and working with Maddie and Natalie has been incredible! Most of my closest girlfriends are also my colleagues and while I love their perspective, We run fast paced businesses so getting around to “Jen’s dating life” isn’t always top priority in conversation. My point is I have found Maddie to be my “wing woman” and the person I can talk to about anything and everything I am feeling and what I’m looking for in my perfect match! I’ve had some pretty sketchy experiences on dating apps and IJL is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! Maddie is one text away and I can’t say enough amazing things about this experience! A+, the best investment I have made into such an important part of my life ”

— Jen P.   (bbb.org)
January 2024
“ Dating these days is hard and time consuming, especially when moving to a new city. IJL Minneapolis has made it a little less hard and introduced me to some quality women that I likely would have never had the opportunity to meet or at least not in such a short amount of time. Eva is great! I enjoy our conversations when we talk and she seems to genuinely have my best interests in mind when setting me up with matches. Time is a valuable commodity and IJL respects that by finding matches and arranging the first date. I don't have to really start investing any of my time until I'm actually personally meeting with my date. Although I haven't met "the one" yet, I do have new found hope and enthusiasm for the dating scene again and feel like Eva truly wants what's best for me... ”

— Curt K   (Yelp)
January 2024
“ This is a very helpful service to get back into dating on a busy schedule. Keeping in mind that chemistry cannot be purchased it is a good system to help you identify more clearly what you are looking for in a partner, and sharpen those skills. Maddie has been very responsive and asks good followup questions. I'm looking forward to continuing the process. I rejoined IJL and the company was willing to accommodate for me. Again, there is no magic bullet, but this process will likely help you find the right person if you are willing to dedicate the effort. ”

— Victoria L   (bbb.org)
November 2023
“ Eva was absolutely on point helping me with relationship advice. Arguably one of the best relationship coaches I have ever worked with! Great listener and quick process speed!! ”

— Rovert H   (google.com)
November 2023
“ My experience so far with IJL has been great. Having a Team there working with you to help you find the right match is amazing. It could not be any better. The responsiveness and communication is fantastic. I have been working with Eva and she is phenomenal. She follows up with you and is genuinely interested in you and always wanting to help you. When she calls you she takes the time to listen to you and to help you in anyway she can. Eva is the best ”

— Jon   (google.com)
November 2023
“ Great program, I started out with online dating sites and after dealing with scam after scam and people that don’t seem to want to get off the couch and embrace meeting other people I discovered It’s just lunch. It has been a wonderful experience working with Eva and meeting lots of women through this program. She has set me up with many dates and is always interested in how things went. I consider this to be a great investment towards my future. Thank you It’s just lunch!!! ”

— Robert J   (bbb.org)
June 2023
“ IJL has allowed me stress-free dating! I love that I just have to show up; all details are taken care of for me - this is dating at its finest. Eva has matched me with quality men; clearly listening to me. As I learn more about myself which each date and share feedback, my profile shifts and the next match is even better than the last. I have met some great people I would have never crossed paths with otherwise. Thank you iJL for shifting my dating experience from challenging to enjoyable. ”

— Bridgette J   (google.com)
April 2023
“ IJL has provided excellent services. Ana and the rest of the matchmaking team are prompt in identifying and discussing potential dates and availability with me, setting up dates at great mutually convenient venues, and follow ups on my date impressions and feedback. I have been introduced to a number of women for dates, all of whom have been uniquely intelligent, great conversationalists and attractive. ”

— Steven T.   (google.com)
February 2023
“ I hire a professional service to do my financial planning, taxes, and so on - so it just made sense to hire a matchmaker too. I don't want to "shop" online to meet my person (via an app) where anyone can say anything or try to be anyone! Instead, I want to use a legit service that does the work and vets people on my behalf. I joined IJL in January 2023 and have had quite a few good dates so far. Ana has been great in matching me with people who have similar interests and goals. I'm still searching for that spark and hopefully I'll meet "the one." I have all the confidence in the world that Ana and the matchmakers at IJL understand my goals and will steer me in the right direction, to ultimately put an end on this journey! ”

— Gina Z.   (bbb.org)
February 2023
“ This was a HUGE decision for me - deciding to be truly proactive about dating and putting myself out there. And, I don't like being ""sold"". From Day 1 Dierdre was extremely compassionate in her approach, and I felt she truly cared about me, not the sale. That's what made me listen more and ultimately sign up with IJL. I was right. They DO care.

Since the start Katy has been my primary contact, setting up dates, taking feedback, coaching me. She's been absolutely great. If I'm uncomfortable with something or have questions, she's been a great listener and offers sound advice. She doesn't gloss over, dismiss, or put down my concerns, but really listens and allows me to be myself - and that makes me feel valued. My positive experience working with Katy is an encouragement to staying in this process if/when I've gotten a little discouraged or nervous. So yes..... IJL - if you're thinking about it, I recommend them. They care. They're good at what they do, and they help you grow as a person. Sincerely.... ~Hopefully Seeking ”

— Staci W.   (google.com)
November 2022
“ My experience with IJL has been great. **** is responsive and paid close attention to what I was looking for and also what were dealbreakers for me when considering a potential date! ”

— Kristi T   (bbb.org)
October 2022
“ Love this program. Sonia and the rest of the team have been great to work with. She has been very interested in how my dates have gone and always interested in what I am looking for in a future relationship. After dealing with on line sites of sit on the couch people who will never find a relationship, or dealing with scams this has been a refreshing and sensible approach to actually meeting a future relationship. Thanks to the staff of It’s just lunch for having a realistic approach to meeting people. ”

— Robert J.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ I recently re-entered the dating scene after 20 years. I was concerned about finding what I was looking for and had no interest in settling…the IJL team listened and exuded confidence in their ability to find matches. It’s one thing to say what u can do and quite another to deliver…IJL has delivered & in a short amount of time. My experience has been quite positive. ”

— Matt W.   (bbb.org)
September 2022
“ Working with IJL has been an enjoyable experience. Like most things in life, it’s hard to find the exact right fit off the bat. The matchmakers work with you to refine your matches and I have to say that I’m very content with what they helped me find. I would def recommend them to others. ”

— Lauren B.   (bbb.org)
September 2022
“ It's Just Lunch was a great help to me. I am a busy professional and dating via phone is not for me. They did as they promised, are very organized, and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone finding themselves in an unanticipated relationship situation at middle age. Thank you. ”

— Marty K.   (google.com)
September 2022
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